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Dear Lottery Result Today

Dear Lottery

Dear lottery Sambad is a brand name of nagaland state lottery  which is very popular in all Indian states including west bengal and this lottery ticket is sold daily and its result is published daily. Also Dear lottery sambad are various lottery event games. Which is published on special days like puja time etc. Also a monthly special ticket is sold which is played once in every month for that ticket game.

Dear Lottery Result

Dear lottery Result See today standing lottery game has become such a popular game that people are profiting by playing and changing the fortunes of many people. And if we have to say that lottery sambad or lottery game is so popular in India, we have no patience to say it Dare Lottery or Nagaland. If we have to say state lottery then let us tell you that it is most popular in West Bengal state and Nagaland state in India as people here like to invest money in their various things like they like to win lottery everyday.

And on that day as written in their destiny they are able to enter their names in dear lottery result and they benefit many become overnight millionaires after this dear lottery result today is declared.

Dear Lottery
Dear Lottery Result

Dear Lottery Sambad is Nagaland Lottery Sambad

Yes, Nagaland lottery sambad and Dear Lottery Sambad are the same thing because Nagaland state lottery which is the government lottery agency has a band called Dear Lottery Sambad. So we can call these two the same lotteries, we have detailed Nagaland State Lottery or its known band Dear Lottery Sambad, various event lotteries and their prices and how you can win up to crores of rupees by buying these lottery tickets. I will discuss about that.

Dear Lotteries Type

To discuss about Dear Lotteries Type, it has to be said. It is a popular lottery brand which is completely operated from Nagaland state and is a government approved lottery organization.

Dear lottery This lottery is known as dear lottery sambad to people. Because this lottery game is played or ticket is given every day as per which people give prize, that game is 3 times a day every day.

Dear lottery sambad is so popular that more than three million people search for Dear lottery sambad every month.

Dear lottery sambad is so popular that every month more than 3 million people type and search Dear lottery sambad. Some time ago I told you that he plays the game three times in a day and publishes the results of the game. There are three different names for those three times.

  1.  Dear Morning Lottery Sambad
  2. Dear Day Lottery Sambad
  3. Dear Evening Lottery Sambad 
Dear Diwali special Lottery

Dear Morning Lottery Sambad

Deer lottery Sambad is played in three times, one is played in the morning. It is known as Dear Morning Lottery Sambad. Because people come to Google and search Lottery Sambad, or Dear Lottery Sambad, or Dear Morning Lottery Sambad.

Deer lottery Sambad is the morning game. It means that it is played at noon, the result is published at 1 pm. You have to search Google for the results you will get first on our website. lottery sambad or lotterysambad24hr.com then you will reach the main page of our website where you will see three different time buttons. By clicking there. You will get to download the result at your required time

Dear Day Lottery Sambad

Deer lottery Sambad Just as earlier we were talking about the results played in the morning means at 1 pm Deer lottery Sambad means another time of Nagaland state lottery is played that is Dear Day Lottery Sambad this game is every day. The game is played at 6 pm and the result is published so if you are a regular lottery ticket holder or have been playing the game regularly then I suggest you save our website lotterysambad24hr.com  in your phone’s web browser which will result in the daily result being published so that your You can click on the saved voucher to download the ticket result according to your required time.

Dear Evening Lottery Sambad 

Dear Evening Lottery Sambad As we discussed two more lottery times earlier, now we will discuss about Deer lottery Sambad another time lottery result known as Dear Evening Lottery Sambad.

Dear Evening Lottery Sambad the game is like Dear Morning and Day every day this game is played every day or the time the result is published is every night at eight o’clock. So if you are looking for Lottery Sambad or if you are playing this game every day or trying to download results by typing Dear Evening Lottery Sambad in Google then I will tell you that you can easily enter Lottery Sambad or lotterysambad24hr.com on mobile then you are on. Come to our web page, and you can easily download the result at your required time.

Dear Event Lottery Type & Price

Name of the Lottery
Nagaland State Lottery
Name of the Scheme
Dear 500 Monthly Results 2022
Date of the Draw
01/10/2022 – (October 01st, 2022)
Draw Time
06.00 PM ONWARD.
Official Web-site
Result Status
Available Shortly..

To talk about Dear Event Lottery Type & Price, let us first give you some information, such as Dear Lottery Sambad, the lottery game that is played every day. Apart from that, on some special days, some games are made with special prizes or prizes of a special amount of money. For example, Durga Puja, the biggest puja of West Bengal, Durga Puja Bumper or Ganesh Puja Bumper or Holi Special, such event games are made or ticket prize money. The number increases. So it is very important for you to know these special things before discussing Dear Event Lottery Type & Price.

Dear Lottery Sambad Every month there is a special lottery game weather known as Dear Lottery 500 whose ticket price is 500 rupees. We are now going to discuss that in detail.

Dear Lottery Puja Special

Dear Lottery Prize scheme of Diwali Special bumper lottery 2022

In this Bumper Lottery scheme, 1st is guaranteed to the Public.

1st prize of Rs 5 Crore is guaranteed to the Public.

2nd prize (10) of Rs 10 Lakhs

3rd prize (10) of Rs 5 Lakhs

4th prize (600) of Rs 9,000

5th prize (600) of Rs 5,000

6th prize (12000) of Rs 2000

Draw date 22-10-2022

Nagaland Dear 500 Monthly Lottery Results

Dear, you want to view the online Nagaland Dear 500 Monthly Lottery Results for  Today. You’ve come to the correct place, then, as we’ve provided a PDF file with 500 winning numbers each month. This costly Rs500 monthly programme was launched by the Nagaland State Lottery, and the results are released every Saturday starting at 6:00 PM. Other necessary details for the Nagland Dear 500 Monthly Lottery Results 2022, including as the lucky numbers, draw location, timings, and how to check, are provided here.

Dear 500 Monthly Lottery Prizes Structure

Dear Lottery Sambad I will discuss about the prize structure rather than the special 500 rupee lottery or special day lottery which is sold every month through this heading.

Dear Lottery Sambad’s Dear 500 is divided into two parts, the prize structure of those two parts is presented to you directly through our website lotterysambad24hr.com

  • This One is Dear Lottery Sambad Under 500 Special Monthly
Total PrizeAmount
1st Prize02 Crore
2nd Prize50 Lakh
3rd Prize10 Lac
4th Prize4000/-
5th Prize2000/-
6th Prize1000/-
  • This One is Dear Lottery Sambad Under 500  Monthly
Total PrizeAmount
1st Prize2.5 Crore
2nd Prize1000000/-
3rd Prize500000/-
4th Prize9000/-
5th Prize4500/-
6th Prize2500/-

Dear Lottery Sambad or Dear lottery result

This time the topic we will discuss is Dear Lottery Sambad or

Dear lottery result
This lottery result which comes out three times a day, we have repeatedly said this, so you already know about this or you know about this. So let’s say it this time. People don’t just type in Lottery Sambad and search. Another keyword that people write and search is, Dear Lottery Sambad or Result. And yes Dear Lottery Sambad or Result is published in three times 

1.Dear Morning Lottery Sambad  2.Dear Day Lottery Sambad 3.Dear Evening

Lottery Sambad has three names. Also two more keywords that people search are lottery sambad today and lottery sambad old

Dear Lottery Act and Policy

A state by state layout of the country lottery market
A singular layout will be expounded, and where a gathering drawing will be. We will give ladies’ insights, where conceivable, and key points of interest of the construction of a given government-run lottery.
Nagaland lottery is one more significant public game with public level pertinence. It runs three day to day draws a year and different guard draws. The Kohima branch makes the Deer Lottery brand accessible to occupants of Sikkim, West Bengal and Nagaland.

Lottery Sambad brand is likewise one of the most played lotto games in India. It has specialists and sellers in 13 expresses that permit lottery deals: Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Nagaland, Manipur, Kerala, Mizoram, Goa, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Punjab and West Bengal. The three everyday draws are open with truly modest tickets, the most recent announced at Rs 6, focused on mass-market reception. Morning and night draws are held in Nagaland, evening in West Bengal.

Frequently Asked Questions Dear Lottery 500 Monthly Draw 2022

We pick the most asked questions for Lottery Sambad-related questions. If you don’t find your answer here feel free to contact us and ask we feel proud and happy to solve any of your queries or you can give us your suggestions or reviews which help us to improve the service for you.

Dear Lottery or dear lottery result if you want to see then let us tell you it is very easy you have to search on google dear lottery result then click on the website in front of you and click on the button of the time you want to download the result and your result Download in PDF format You can also directly download the result by clicking on our link.

Look today 2023 in the age of internet it is a very easy matter you have to search Google Dear Lottery Result Today or click on our link http://lotterysambad24hr.com/dear-lottery-sambad/

and directly reach our Dear Lottery Result Today page and click on the button according to the time and download Dear Lottery Result

Answer: The process to check winning numbers of nagaland dear 500 monthly lottery draw is very simple,

  • one way is to book mark this page we will disclose the same and 
  • second step is to go to official site http://www.nagalandlotteries.com/today.php. 
  • After visiting this link you have to look for nagaland dear 500 monthly lottery results 
  • if you find then click and pdf file opens to the screen of your mobile.
  • Now match your lottery ticket numbers with winning no.
  • Congrats if you win some prize amount 
  • Now fill claim form with relevant documents and grab your winning amount
  • If there is any discrepancy try to remove it as soon as possible

The highest or highest prize amount that Dear Lottery has paid out in the market in any monthly period 1st Prize amount is Rs 25000000/- (Two Crore Fifty Lakh Only).

The  draw  held  Once a Month and timings are 06.00 PM.

Yes,Anyone can buy a lottery take and play the Nagaland State Lottery game but only those people will be able to claim their prize if they have a valid state domicile so,you receive the winning prize.

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