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(Today Lottery Sambad 22.06.23)

Lottery Sambad Today

Lottery sambad Today now Year 2023 is going on and this year 2023 is very lucky! you can get lucky by buying a lottery ticket so we bring for you or many like you know about  lottery Sambad. So they buy daily tickets at 1 pm, 4 pm, and 8 pm Nagaland State Lottery, Lottery news results are specially printed on this site. Lottery Sambad is a really famous lottery in India.

Nagaland State Lottery sambad

Nagaland State lottery Sambad today. Click on above link to download and check Nagaland State Lottery Result online. Nagaland Today Lottery Result PDF File Online. You can check Nagaland State Lottery Morning 2022 online here. Stay connected with us to check daily nagaland state lottery sambad of the day. Check all Sambad lottery results right here. Which we provide you absolutely free from our trusted website (lotterysambad24hr.com) which is made only for you or this website for you.

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Today


  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday


  • Dear Valuable Morning
  • Dear Cherished Morning
  • Dear Admire Morning
  • Dear Respect Morning 
  • Dear Love Morning
  • Dear Valuable Morning
  • Dear Treasure Morning

Lottery Sambad Today Result

If you are looking for lottery sambad today result then you have come to the right place, we usually provide lottery sambad updates at the correct time 1, 4 and 8 pm through this website completely free of charge.

lotterysambad24hr.com is a famous website all over India through this website you will get all lottery sambad today updates and every day. lottery sambad is brought to you by this only website.

Through this website you can see daily lottery sambad result and you can easily save the result in your phone or your computer in PDF form or download it from this website for which you don’t have to pay any price.

Lottery Sambad Today Morning

lottery sambad morning
lottery sambad morning

You may have the lottery number or bought a ticket from any counter or distubutor as per your financial situation. Each of these tickets or each paper has a different serial number according to which number you can know how much money your ticket costs or what is the result of your ticket.

What do you do to see this result? You come to google and search by typing lottery sambad, then when you type and search it, you can easily see our website lotterysambad24hr.com

What we are discussing here is lottery sambad morning so let us inform you and we have already informed you that this lottery lottery sambad morning the result of which is announced at 1 pm.

Lottery Sambad (আজকের লটারি সংবাদ) Today Result

Coming to the end of 2022 I can tell you that lottery game has become a life changing game. There are thousands of such examples where people have won billions of rupees for a few bucks and have profited. Among those few tickets, one number became his lucky number and the price of that ticket was one crore rupees.


West bengal state lottery sambad

Check West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Today Result 1:00 PM online. West Bengal old as well as today’s lottery draw results will be updated here on this page. Stay connected with us to check and download West Bengal lottery draw result online. West Bengal Lottery is one of the most popular lotteries around the world. Visit our site regularly to check daily West Bengal lottery draw results. We will update you here with new bumper prizes. I will also give various tips and hints about lottery.

West Bengal State Lottery Prize List

Nagaland State Lottery Prize List

Nagaland State Lotteries was established in the year 1972 under the supervision of the Finance Department to generate a dependable source of revenue for the State Government. Nagaland State Lottery is held every day of the week at three different times of the day, Morning, Day, and Evening. Every day, the lottery is held under a different name with some difference in the prize money with the top prize worth ₹1 Crore (including Super Prize amount). The daily lotteries hosted by Nagaland State include Dear Morning, Dear Day, and Dear Evening which costs ₹6 for each ticket.

Note: The price chart above is for Dear Evening Lottery. The number of prizes for Dear Morning Lottery is: 1, 579, 5800, 58000, 58000, 580000 and Dear Day Lottery is 1, 259, 2600, 26000, 26000, 260000 in the same order. The price amount is the same.


1st Prize For Winner
Cons. Prize For Winner
2nd Prize For Winner
3rd Prize For Winner
4th Prize For Winner
5th Prize For Winner

No. of Prizes


Prize Amount

Rs- 1 Crore
Rs- 1000/-
Rs- 9000/-
Rs- 450/-
Rs- 250/-
Rs- 120/-

Frequently Asked Questions About Lottery Sambad Today

We pick the most asked questions for Lottery Sambad Today -related questions. If you don’t find your answer here feel free to contact us and ask  We feel proud and happy to solve any of your queries or you may give your suggestion or review that helps us to make service much better for you.

Lottery Sambad Today When you want to know the result of your day’s lottery tickets, you search on Google by writing Lottery Sambad Today, then right before your eyes we have this website and we have been providing people with free Lottery Sambad for last many years.

After searching by typing Lottery Sambad Today, come to our page, and follow the steps given below, you can easily download Lottery Sambad Today Result. downloading only in just 2 steps.

First, you need a Click to that Button which time result you want to download and then  Lottery Sambad downloader input box which is presented by LotterySambad24hr.com and hit the download button.

We are providing you Lottery Sambad downloading in PDF Format. we provide you the Lottery Sambad official result downloading. By default, Because we Are Useing Lottery Sambad official Website API and provides you Result in PDF always for Free.

Anyone can buy lottery and play Nagaland State Lottery game, but only Anpa should be Indian, but be able to claim the prize and have a document with you, so it is recommended that you are from any state you are from to get the winning prize.

The Director
Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries
P.R.Hill Junction, Nagaland: Kohima – 797001
Ph: 0370-2229982
Website: www.nagalandlotteries.com

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